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. >>> hey, thanks for joining us on hln. i'm natasha curry. our top story, a fourth body discovered after a midair collision. a small plane collideed with a helicopter, both fell into the hudson river. new york mayor michael bloomberg says it's believed all of the nine people on both aircraft were killed. here is how witnesses described the crash. >> there was a plane, a small plane like a cessna cutting back towards new jersey side. helicopter heading southbound about 1100, 1200 feet. the plane rolled into the helicopter, hit the side of it of the helicopter went straight in the water. there was a poof of smoke and a bang. it went further down hit the water by the w hotel and came down, a couple of pieces. >> what did you think when you saw it. >> tragic, bad. you look up and you see all the planes going around here and it's hectic. unfortunately this thing happens. the fact that it does happen -- it doesn't happen more often is crazy. >> it was turning, went down first. about three, four seconds later, i saw the wing for helicopters. there's no wing for helicopters, it was the rotor bla
the latest information. the fourth hiker is at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. >>> to canada where a stage collapsed in the middle of an outdoor music festival killing one person. police say 15 other people were injured at big valley jam boree in alberta. a storm quickly rolled in while some 15,000 people were watching the festival yesterday. the crowd started to evacuate. that is when the stage came crashing down. police say emergency services helped rescue some people trapped under that rubble. >>> a man who caused a lot of nervous moments at laguardia airport has been forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. he's accused of bringing a fake bomb to the airport yesterday. as susan reports -- >> reporter: a bomb scare disrupted flights for hours. >> it's sad. >> reporter: 32-year-old man approached this checkpoint. a law enforcement source says he began intoxicated and was carrying a backpack. outside in plain view were two square batteries with wires sticking out. when asked not to move, again, allegedly failed to comply. he looked at though he was trying to wish a switch but nothing h
thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: this is the "live desk." i am martha maccallum. trace: i am trace gallagher. this is where the news begins. if you swing over here, this is the foreign desk covering the globe. every single picture that comes into fox news channel comes in right here along the media desk. here on the "live desk" we begin with break-in news. martha: disturbing new information on what may have motivated a shooting spree at a pennsylvania health club. a man shot and killed a three women during the wounded nine others when he opened fire in an aerobics class in pennsylvania. >> a lot of people started running around. i took off my headphones and i kept hearing boom, boom, boom. i heard about 30 shots. i started ducking down. i got out as fast as i could. i helped carry out one girl who was shot in the thigh. she kept saying she was going to die. it is crazy stuff. i am in shock. martha: the shooter was keeping a block ofblog the detailed his hatred of women.
it's monday, the 10th of august. thanks for being with us, most news in the morning. >> i'm kiran chetry. we're following several stories we'll be breaking down in the next 15 years. a drug war, trade dispute and swine flu, all of that on president obama's agenda today. we're live in guadalajara, mexico where the president meets with the leaders of mexico and canada. >> back here at home, democrats are trying to break through the noise of the health care debate, it's growing louder by the dachlt anger and frustration not playing out of town hall meetings, what you our viewers have to say ahead. >> the latest on the dramatic midair collision between a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter over the hudson river. a deadly combination after the two crashed and plummeted into the water. now wreckage and more victims have been recovered. also what investigators are learning about a possible cause. cnn's susan candiotti is live on the scene. >>> we begin with president obama in mexico for a summit with the leaders of mexico and canada it's a short trip with a long agenda from drugs an
would always be kind of aside and smaller. and it would be all three of us. she drew a picture and i was the sister and it was just her and i. and i didn't even know what to say. you know. i still have to say, thank you, hon, that's a beautiful picture. deep down inside, she didn't include her mother which really made me sad. >> hard to imagine what it was like for this family thinking there was a chance hannah might not see her mother for another 12 years. for laura ling, it was a husband and family waiting for her. a sushi dinner and perhaps mother's essential watercress soup which she's been keeping warm the last few days in anticipation. al gore spoke briefly today. his farmer boss, bill clinton, though, did not. president obama spoke of relief and gratitude where laura ling, silence for months, spoke at length. when she did, people across the country seemed to choke up a little. >> 30 hours ago euna lee and i were prisoners in north korea. we feared that at any moment we could be sent to a hard labor camp. and then suddenly we were told that we were going to a meeting. we were t
. real pics of u.s. fighters taking out the taliban on your national conversation for national conversation for monday, august 10th, 2009. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello again, everybody. i'm rick sanchez with the next generation of news because we do a conversation, not a speech. it's always your turn to get involved. look at these live pictures we're following. this is such a curious story. that is a beaked whale. they're kind of rare. everything we've read about them indicates they usually don't show themselves but in this case, not only is this whale showing itself, it's in trouble. big trouble. they can't seem to be able to make it budge from this beach. that's a serious problem because -- not only for itself, by the way, but it also has its baby not far from it and it's safe because it's being held by someone but the whale itself, a large whale, this beaked whale is what it's called, is not just on the part where the surf is, but for the most part, on the beach part as well. all these people have come -- isn't curious how people who oftentimes would just
or heard from since then. >>> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. a quiet apartment community reeling after a suitcase discovered there in the communal dumpster opened to reveal a body. tonight, we confirm the body folded inside that suitcase is 28-year-old swimsuit model jasmine fiore. and in a bizarre twist tonight, police on the lookout for a reality tv star in connection with the murder. >> when my manager opened up the suitcase, the corner of the suitcase, he just lifted it up, you could see a shoulder and an arm and there were no clothes on it. >> we have made a breakthrough with the investigation. her name is jasmine fiore. >> reporter: 28-year-old jasmine fiore, neighbors say seemed excited to move into her new neighborhood in the fairfax district with a female roommate and this man, ryan jenkins. a recent contestant on the vh1 show "megan wants a millionaire." some neighbors described him as her husband. tonight, her fourth-floor penthouse is now a crime scene. >> we are searching for any evidence that may lead to the suspect in this case. >> repor
write can be used against them. i am live at cnn headquarters in atlanta. >>> some stars we hardly know where to begin. let's push forward. a california woman who was kidnapped in front of her own house in 1991 is free and finally getting reacquainted with her family. the secret world she inhabited for 18 years, a backyard where she bore and raised her children. the world is repulsed at what happened to her. the suspect three hours from now will go before a judge to face charges relating to kidnapping and sexual abuse. he met wednesday with his patrol officer. hard to imagine what jaycee's parents are going through. her stepfather witnessed the kidnapping and for years was a suspect. jaycee's reunion with the mother was a shocker. >> jaycee told her she had babies and my wife asked her how many babies. it was a real shock. i didn't know babies. i was expecting -- nobody told me they were 15 and 11 so it was a shocker. >> we have news producers working every area of this case. >> phillip and nancy garrido expected to be arraigned at 1:00 p.m. local time. behind me is the home they lived
allegedly held her captive for 18 years and cadaver dogs were used to check another property next door. police say he might be linked to several unsolved murders from the 1990s. >>> police in southeast georgia are offering a reward for information about a mass killing at a mobile home. police won't say if the victims are related or if they have any leads that might point to a suspect or even a motive. >> reporter: inside this small mobile home, authorities in glin county, georgia are investigating the biggest mass murder they've ever seen. alt people are dead and one more person is critically injured. >> somebody went in that house, there's no doubt, and murdered these people, yes. >> reporter: police still do not have a suspect and hope a $25,000 reward will generate more leads. >> what does $25,000 mean? that means we need help 37 anybody who has information that can call to us tell us, we need that help. that's the simplest way i can put it. >> reporter: not knowing whether a mass murderer is on the loose has residents scared. >> i look my doors now. i don't -- i try and stay energy
, the murder turns even more heinous. exclusive tonight. his attorney with us live. as we go to air. the reality tv star's car and boat trailer found abandoned at a marina on the u.s./canadian border. we also learn his story to police doesn't match up with the facts. >> the person we are looking for is named ryan alexander jenkins. >> a reality tv contestant wanted for questioning in the death of his bikini model ex-wife may now be in canada. that's what police are saying now about ryan alexander jenkins. they want to question him as in their words, a person of interest in the death of 28-year-old jasmine fiore. they receive ad report that a man matching his description took a boat to washington state's points roberts peninsula and walked across the border. >> jasmine fiore was 28 years old. she was an aspiring model for a time. she moved to l.a. to open a personal training business. she apparently moved there with this man. she went down to san diego for a poker tournament or poker game and ended up dead in that dumper, in that suitcase. >> reporter: her fourth floor penthouse is n
'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. a reality tv star wanted for the murder of swimsuit model jasmine fiore, found dead in a hotel room. as the search intensifies for the mystery blond jenkins' alleged accomplice. police confirm my or's mer saed deez found in a west hollywood parking lot. is the car a key to the murder scene. >> my son is innocent. and i think he panicked. and i'm -- i'm just -- i'm dead. i'm dead inside. i'm devastated. what can i tell you? i love him. he's my only child. >> today cops want to know whether jenkins' family is somehow involved. they say a car spotted at that motel matched the description of his dad's silver pt cruiser. >> a vehicle very similar to that one is now 700 miles to the west of us in vancouver, british columbia, parked in the building where ryan's half-sister alena now lives. >> it was in the dumpster. people usually park by the room. i thought, that's odd. she parks by the dumpster like she doesn't want anything to do with this guy, obviously. about 20 minutes later she was long gone. >> a citizen located the vehicle in the par
shows 72% of voters are concerned about health reform driving up the deficit. joining us now. senate majority leader, dick durbin. good to talk to you. what did you come away with from talking to the president in terms of addressing what seems to be an overarching concern for americans? yes, they want health care reform, but not a deficit so deep it cripples their children and grandchildren. >> the president's already said we're not going to have health care reform we don't pay for. it's something the republican critics can't say about what they did. they left a deep deficit from the prips drug program. we know if we don't address health care reform, we're going to have deficits as far as the eye can see and we know the cost is beyond the reach of a lot of working families and small businesses. >> when you're sitting down in committee and talking about which of these plans to go forward, are there any plans that you see that you particularly like and think, you know what, we can make this work. >> there are element of many plans. there have been four different committees so far. the
'll answer those questions and a few more. slogan comes to us from jack in georgia. north, south, east, and west. "fox & friends" is the best. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute brian: i recognize that music. steve: welcome aboard. gretchen: we are up in gear. steve doocy is back from vacation. i hope had you a wonderful time. steve: i went to the mother land of ireland for seven or eight days. it was fantastic. brian: meanwhile when the judge came back he found kilmeadian, the town. you came back with a w. no information about my ancestors. steve: i was at a place called kilmeadian jail. gretchen: it's not about you, brian. brian: i think it is. let's talk about the myriad of issues including firefighters out of in california. gretchen: start with your evidence lines for a monday morning. a bunch of stuff going on today including this fox news alert. a massive wildfire burning out of control near l.a. leaves two firefighters dead. vehicle overrun by fierce flames. plunged off the side of a mountain. captain
used to my artificial leg. the hill was covered with ice and snow. it wasn't easy to walk. the hill was very slick. as i struggled to walk, i slipped and i fell on the ice. i started to cry. i said, i can't do this. i said i'll never be able to climb up that hill. he lifted me up in his strong, gentle arms, and said something i will never forget. he said, "i know you can do it. there is nothing that you can't do." we're going to climb that hill together, even if it takes us all day. sure enough, he held me around my waist and we slowly made it to the top. >> the service was attended by many current and former members of congress, former presidents bill clinton, jimmy carter and george w. bush were there. president obama delivered the eulogy. he said that kennedy was a kind and tender hero who never gave up despite the enormous challenges and tragedies he faced. >> today we say good-bye to the youngest child of rose and joseph kennedy. the world will long remember their son edward. a champion for those who had none. the soul of the democratic party and the lion of the united states s
developments on the interrogation tactics used by cia on suspected terrorists. investigation by cia's own inspector general will be released today. it's a report concealed for five years but a federal court just ordered it released. elaine is live, what do we know about the findings of this report. >> the cia report is expected to be released today but new details are already emerging. >>> in separate incidents cia interrogators threatened the man suspected of plotting the deadly bombing of the uss cole. according to knowledge sources familiar with the 2004 cia report. sources confirm one interrogation session involved a gun. another an electric drill. both meant to scare the al qaeda prisoner into giving up information. newsweek reports mock executions were staged, including one where a gun was fired in a room next to a detainee to make him believe another prisoner had been killed. the american civil liberties union, which sued to get the cia report released, called the tactics under the bush administration not only reprehensible but illegal and said the american public has a right to kn
in a british columbia hotel room. ryan jenkins' luxury bmw and empty boat trailer abandoned on the u.s. border. jenkins dead, hanging by a belt from this coat rack inside this hotel room. jenkins traveling with a mystery blond, driving a silver pt cruiser. she checked him into the hotel while he stays hidden. tonight, the mystery blond, formally named a person of interest by police. was she with jenkins in the u.s.? did she help dispose of fiore's body or worse? and where is fiore's missing mercedes? is it a key to the murder scene? jenkins' family, adamantly swearing their son didn't do it. well, then who did? and tonight, another bombshell. did secret text messages reveal motive for murder? video emerges of fiore and jenkins at a luxury vegas hotel seemingly in love just before fiore's brutal murder. tonight, we have the video. >> there are new questions tonight, questions about whether jenkins had help in getting rid of his wife's body. >> we don't want to close this case and let anybody who helped him get away with assisting in this brutal crime. >> police want to talk to the woman who che
stunning development, jenkins takes the coast guard on a high-speed chase escaping the u.s. by speedboat. we uncover jenkins' history of violence, a pattern of abusing women. with each passing hour, we piece together a time line leading up to fiori's murder as stunning photos surface of fiori and jenkins living it up at a luxury vegas hotel seemingly in love just before fiori's brutal murder. we now know jenkins has a pilot's license. we eluded u.s. police, canadian mown tauntie mounties, and to him, money is no object. where he is tonight? anybody's guess. >>> we now have a warrant for the arrest of ryan alexander jenkins for the murder of jasmine. >> a reality tv contestant ont the run now charged with the gruesome killing of a swimsuit body. the mutilated body of jasmine fiori was found stuffed in a suitcase in a trash bin. >> the question was about mutilation, and the fingers and teeth were removed. >> and they said at the press conference that i don't think that anybody was prepared to hear that, and you could hear the gasping in the background and the family members crying. this pe
in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> boy, can you imagine how they were overcome at that moment? lee and ling were employed by the media company owned by al gore. president obama watched this joyous reunion on television as we all did here. he said he is breathing a sigh of relief now that the women are back home. >> i want to just make a brief comment about the fact that the two young journalists, euna lee and laura ling are safely back with their families. we are obviously extraordinarily relieved. i had an opportunity to speak with the families yesterday once we knew that they were on the plane. the reunion that we have all seen on television, i think is a source of happiness not only for the families, but for the entire country. >>> we want to know what you think about this, does former president clinton's mission, do you believe open the doors to better relations with north korea at this point? give us a call at 1-877-tell-hln or e-mail us at and you can text us your views at hlntv. >>> police say a man killed himself after firing 50 bul
builds in today. it brings us a pretty day. that will be the way for the remained main defer the day. wait 'til tomorrow. big changes on the way. the heat and humidity starts to clievment chance of thunderstorms comes your way and what you see now will be a different picture as thunderstorms move into the forecast then and temperatures by sunday and into monday climbing well into the mid 90's. more on that coming up in a few minutes. right now candice haze look at what's happening on the roadways with traffic edge. >> thank you steve. good morning. as you're traveling out on the main line, so far we're in the green and loving that for friday morning. starting on south 95 from mountain road heading to 69 5 , right now a ten minute commute. and good news on # five through the city. we just cleared out an accident on the southbound laindz lanes on o could be nel street. right noi now a five minute commute and approaching the downtown region on the southbound side of the jxf on 69 5 , so far a 15 minute right ride there. keep in mind though we still have dealing with the broken water mai
of the al qaeda that attacked us 9/11 and then come home? >> i mean, how do you trust that? how do you trust that you're making a deal with this -- i mean, essentially we already consider them terrorist organizations. these are guys who in the last two days cut off women's index fingers for voting. do you want to make any kinds of deals with these guys and would they honor them? that's part of the problem in afghanistan is that so many of these people are just so-dsht country is so under developed and there is no education and you have to spend so many years just pouring resources in to develop the country to the point where you could really leave it stabilized that that's really what makes for the quagmire there. >> it seems to me, chris, afghanistan is becoming our northwest territory like it is to pakistan, the ungovernable part of the world we have to continually go in and beat the hell out of. >> that's the problem, chris. the idea of an open-ended commitment with an uncertain number of troops. >> thank you. that is extremely danger anonymous light of iraq. >> thank you both. welcome to
a spoof that's also becoming quite a big hit out there. >>> the u.s. military just found the remains of a u.s. navy pilot who was shot down during the first few days of the first iraq war more than 18 years ago. lieutenant commander scott speicher was originally declared dead but his status later changed to missing because his remains were never found. nbc's jim miklaszewski joins us from washington with all those details. things have changed now, mick. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. sho shortly after the iraqi came forward, the u.s. military, the pentagon, even then-secretary of defense dick cheney were so convinced back there on the first day of the gulf war in 1991 that scott speicher was killed when his f/a-18 hornet was shot down in western iraq that he was declared dead. but subsequently because his body was never found, and in fact the wreckage was eventually located and his flight suit was found intact. it raised the possibility he in fact survived the shootdown of his fighter jet and he may have been taken into iraqi custody. under saddam hussein in an iraqi
, the justice department declassifies an internal cia report on interrogation tactics used on terrorists in the bush administration. >>> tonight they're appointing a prosecutor who was assigned if any legal action is taken. >>> president obama gives the go-ahead for a special interrogation unit that will operate out of the fbi and will report directly to the white house. >>> and few less than president obama's cabinet. so who is helping the president tonight? >>> the associated press is reporting that the l.a. county coroner has ruled michael jackson's death a homicide. the news could mean criminal charges for jackson's personal doctor, dr. conrad murray. murray was in the house with jackson when he died. there are also more details contained in a search warrant, and court documents unsealed today. we have complete coverage tonight with randy in los angeles, and senior legal analyst jeffrey tubin in new york. first randy with the very latest. randy, what can you tell us? >> i know you mentioned the report by the associated press saying the death has been ruled a homicide. i do want to po
someone was using a firearm inside of there. >> it was pretty intense. when you get a chance to think about it, it happened so fast. once you realize when you were outside what happened, you saw the people running around. there was people that were shot and bleeding. it was a lot to take in. >> joining us now is dr. judy, clinical psychologist. how are you? >> you are welcome. tragic story. >> always good to see you. maybe we can learn something from this guy. what was his problem with women? i don't know if you caught this when i was reading it. >> no girlfriend since 1984. who knows why. i'm not ugly or too weird. no sex since july, 1990 when i was 29 years old. who talks or keeps data like that around. >> a lot of people feel rejected. there are men rejected, women rejected. you also read that he hated his mother and used some very nasty words toward her. when psychologically this kind of rejection from everyone. 30 million women, no sex. he is spewing this and blaming his mom. it gets very, very deep. most of us know how to deal with rejection and get over it. some people, like he
, and cnn white house correspondent dan lothian are all working this story for us. i want to start off with elaine quijano. elaine, what else do we know in this newly declassified report? >> reporter: well, suzanne, this is the report right here. as you can see, it's pretty lengthy. we're still going through it. but there are new details about interrogations that took place under the bush administration. for instance, during the questioning of 9/11 mastermind khalid shaikh mohammed, here is what the report found on page 43. "according to this interrogator, the redacted portions are indicated there, you'll see, interrogators said to khalid shaikh mohammed that if anything else happens in the united states, we're going to till your children." also, in addition to details we learned over the weekend about the use of a gun and a power drill to intimidate a detainee into giving up information, now another tactic has been revealed. the report says, quote, in july 2002, blamed operations officer participated with another operations officer in custodial interrogation of a te taney. blank repor
news on thanks for being with us tonight. please join us tomorrow. for all of us here, thanks for watching. good night from new york. next, campbell brown. -- captions by vitac -- >>> tonight, hear the questions we want answered. what really killed michael jackson. explosive allegations from court documents just released today. in his final hours, the singer was given one powerful drug after another until the final deadly dose. >> at 10:40 in the morning, the day he died, murray administered 25 milligrams of this propofol to michael jackson. >> will his doctor face criminal charges or was michael jackson ultimately to blame for his own death? >>> tonight, cia agents face criminal investigation for inhumane treatment of suspected terrorists. the big question is, is it national security or dangerous politics? >> it's actually very dangerous to reopen this. >> if people were tortured, if people were murdered, they should be prosecuted, period. >>> also, vacation politics. the white house moves to martha's vineyard. >> this morning the president worked out, p
more books than i can read. thank you very much for joining us. the next person is a director of sovereign ratings at standard and pork and responsible for the sovereign analysis with -- for the latin american group, and teaches part time at columbia university. she worked at the federal reserve board of governors in washington. let me say that the job of the sovereign ratings is to put all of this into a single member, which is not so easy to do. it takes an incredible amount of analysis. and finally, a senior fellow at the inter-american dialogue. he works on a wide range of issues. he has been traveling a lot to his home country of argentina. he served as the chief of the latin america western hemisphere program at the international monetary fund. welcome back to the dialogue. he will start us off, also he has written a paper on mexico, which he sounds a little bit like a pessimist. >> think you very much. in deference to your very strong feelings, the oi will now a power pointpoint. this is a great opportunity. we are extremely knowledgeable. when i used to go on mission t
passing day. he is a catergory ii hurricane now. >> but he is going to leave us alone, right? >> that remains to be seen. by the end of the week is when he would have an influence on the eastern seaboard, but there's a chance he may curl out to sea. you may be correct, but we may have to watch it closely. around here it's mainly the hot temperatures we are having to deal with. right now it's 76 degrees in baltimore and the surrounding areas also in the 70s. will you see showers trying to make their way into the west, a few of them have made their way into garrett county. 20% chance for later in the afternoon, especially. let's time it out here in the future scan model, you will see the shower chances increasing through the later part of the day. it looks like it's throughout the region indicated by all of that green, but it's going to be more of an isolated incident around 5 to 10:00 p.m. and closer to 10:00 p.m., and eastern shore maybe until 10:00 p.m. we're going to see repeated or some definite distinct chances throughout the area at different times through the day. they
was stolen and left in an italian orphanage. he joins us live with his dramatic story. >>. >> a jewel heist out a hollywood movie. how did crooks steal sz 65 million worth of jewels s in d how did crooks steal sz 65 million worth of jewels s in d daylight? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good morning, alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts diane sawyer is off on this wednesday, august 12th. president obama becoming a sort of fact-checker in chief. >> he hasn't seen the ugly scenes we've seen elsewhere, he's the president after all. but look at los angeles this morn, people lining up for free health care. >> so let's begin with our senior white house correspondent jake tapper with the latest on the owing battle over reform. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the debate over health care reform dominated by the president's opponents but he's seeking to regain moment ul and in doing so, has raised the stakes in this furious fight. >> you and your cronies in the government -- >> reporter: summer recess no day at the beach for many members of congress. democrats contin
. >> he was fearful of not being used and yet not getting what he wanted. >> i thought he was like a p.o.w. with his fingers crossed. here's what that freed journalist laura ling said this morning about bill clinton. it got to me. here is he is. let's listen. >> and we were taken to a location, and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. we were shocked. but we knew instantly in our hearts that the nightmare of our lives was finally coming to an end. and now, we stand here home and free. >> wow. mike, i was caught up in that emotionally. i mean, i walk in a room and there he is. now, i guess you know, regis philbin could have been there and she might have been just as happy but i don't think so. there's something iconic about big bill clinton. in a way he's his own thanksgiving day float. i mean, the guy is bigger than life, and here he is with the statement, you're free. >> well, sure. i think he said, there are very few people who could have pulled this off. maybe there was nobody who could have pulled this off. >> not because of what he di
these charges. we will say, again, as we've said before that we said before when they left u.s. soil, they never intended to cross to north korea. according to the charges, they confessed. so we know they're sorry. we're very sorry. and we hope that the north korean government now will show compassion and just let them come home. >> lisa, i mean, does it concern you that the north korean government is saying they were there for a smear campaign, not acknowledging they were independent journalists? >> all we can say is that they are journalists and they were doing their job. my sister has been a journalist for years. and that's really all we can say. you know, we weren't in the courtroom. we don't know any sort of specifics other than what was released. we just hope, you know, given the fact that we know the girls have apologized profusely, that they will let the girls come home to us. it's been -- it's been three months. and that's been too long for us. >> stay with us. because coming up in five minutes' time, we're going to be talking to victor cha, the director of asian affairs at the white ho
. the number 1-877-tell-hln. you can e-mail us, or you can text us at hlntv, start your message with the word prime. your chance to be heard. >> controversy, opinion, your point of view. this is "prime news." >>> welcome once again. this is "prime news." first breaking news in the death investigation concerning michael jackson. court documents just into us show the king of pop had lethal levels of the drug propofol in his blood. this is a highly potent drug that's used to knock out patients for surgery. this new information on jackson is based on the los angeles county coroner's preliminary report. the coroner's office gave us no comment on the official cause of death. now, a source close to the investigation has told cnn jackson's personal doctor conrad murray gave him propofol within 24 hours of his death. could he be facing criminal charges and soon? as always, we take your calls at 1-877-tell-hln. let's bring in randi kaye from our sister network cnn. she's been all over this. what do we have in this document? we're really getting a timeline here. >> we certainly are
in the context of the strategies that were used relative to how we were handling ourselves. maybe these assimilations. in my view, it misses the mark. maybe there is a real world activity so that we learn what those are. in the national context, shouldn't we having national receiver that is not simulated which creates that same understanding between the public and private sector. >> so, where damage can truly be done. >> . when one of the military were games that they decided there were born to put cyber egan, -- going to put cyber in. the disabled the ability of the military to carry out its mission. they had to turn off the cyber thing. that is a big lesson. >> what has defense been doing? >> we have not, in the last two years, we have been observers to some of the department of defense gains. our focus has been getting this program moving forward from an operational standpoint. we expect that with the relationship that we have, we will be able to take our infrastructure and put it into the department of defense on the national level. we have offered up of. on a daily basis, we
for watching tonight. i'm allison stewart in for rachel maddow. you can e-mail us at rachel at "countdown with keith olbermann" starts now. good night. >>> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? the report is out. bush interrogators threaten khalid sheik muhammad, we're going to kill your children. bush interrogators threatened al nashiri, we are going to use this power drill on your head. they threaten to rape mothers, assault family, as detainees were forced to watch. and concurrent with the inspector general's nauseating, beyond belief findings more records which dick cheney thinks prove torture works. there will be a special prosecutor. his name is john durham. colonel lawrence wilkerson on who should be held responsible and who probably will be. the republicans and shouting fire in a nonfiery theater. senators mccain and hatch actually suggest the debate would have been different if senator kennedy had been there. like it was his fault. and senator grassley on having said -- >> you have every right to fear. we should not have a government program t
your calls on these topics, 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us at or text us, start the message with the word prime. it's your chance to be heard. -- captions by vitac -- >>> welcome. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. a revealing report just released in the casey anthony case. would you know, her phone records show a year ago, no calls, no texts to a zenaida gonzalez, the alleged babysitter that she accused of taking little caylee. plus this bombshell found among the more than 1,000 pages of documents. investigators did not find blood in the trunk of casey's car. but what about the evidence of human decomposition that turned up. and the vaporized chloroform. we love hearing from you. we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. joining us to talk about it, steve rogers, detective lieutenant for the nutley new jersey police department. also former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force. also joining us, attorney ann bremner, mike eiglarsh, and back with us again in orlando, reporter marva. marva's been on this since day one. marva, give us the lay
to hear from you, call in, 1-877-tell-hln is the number. e-mail us, or you can text us at hlntv, just start your message with the word prime. it's your chance tbe heard. -- captions by vitac -- >>> wrk. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. a disturbing report on the day michael jackson died. multiple sources tell the "l.a. times" that dr. conrad murray, the doctor for the king of pop, left michael jackson alone and under the influence of the powerful anesthetic propofol. he left him alone so he could make some phone calls. and by the time he returned, michael jackson had stopped breathing. give us a call, 1-877-tell-hln. russell, entertainment reporter, legal analyst, attorney, pop also criminal defense attorney, jennifer. and professor of surgery at vanderbilt university. jennifer, let's start with you. this is the report. if is this is the way it went down, do we have manslaughter charges. >> absolutely. this doctor is going to be held criminally responsible for his actions. what he did was reckless. he left a man alone and administered a
. >> they are just telling us that they have not found her yet. they're searching. they're expanding their search. now they're going to be searching -- when they get a lead, they'll search those places. she's out there somewhere. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. thank you for being with us. a reality tv star wanted for the murder of swimsuit model jasmine fiore found dead in a hotel room. bombshell tonight. we confirm the reality tv star wanted for murder traveled with be a alleged accomplice. a mystery blonde driving a silver pt cruiser. tonight, do secret text messages reveal motive for murder? >> he was supposed to check out today. we went and checked around 12:00. knocked on the door. opened the door. there he was hanging there. >> a mystery woman and ryan jenkins showed up to this motel. the mystery woman went inside alone to book the room for a few nights. she paid in cash. then she took off. she hasn't been seen since. >> came for that one day and rented the room. i don't know if he paid her to rent the room or if he knew her or not. she rented the room and left right away. >> she's a ver
the book and pj being here and it is a great honor for us and let's get with it. here's pj o'rourke. [applause]. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you so much for coming here. i really appreciate it. and, i really appreciate being here. i have tended to make these flying visits to los angeles and i've never gotten a chance to go to the museum. today is me first day at the museum and after i get done talking to you guys and sign some books i hope if you want them signed and they are probably more valuable if they aren't signed... but! [laughter]. >> you know, but, i'm going to spend some time and then i've got a five-year-old that like, if it has wheels, it rules! you know? and i have to go down, i have been on book tour three weeks and cannot come home empty handed and i have to go shopping here today, too. anyway, it is i'm afraid a last time to say, how shall we put it, sayonara to the american car. american automobile companies, ford, gm, chrysler will live long in some form, a kind of marley's ghost dragging their chains and -- at takes pairs's expense and you know, and t
through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. sean: is this a propaganda victory for kim jong il? all that and much more. it seems that more and more americans are speaking out against the direction in which democrats are now taking the country. that is our headline this wednesday night. outrage. unlike when it was members of the wrong party, democrats are chastising anybody with an opinion. the democratic national committee has released an advertisement calling protesters "an angry mob." let's take a look. >> the extremist republican base is back. they lost the election. they lost on the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care. they lost the confidence of the american people after eight years of failed policies that ruined our economy and cost millions of jobs. now, republicans and their allies are organizing angry mobs just like they did during the election. their goal is to destroy president obama and stop the change americans voted for overwhelmingly in november. >> it will break him. >> i hope he fails. >> this activity is street from the playboo
's biggest stars was treated by u.s. immigration officials we're learning new details right now of the incident that's grown to a real international controversy. i'm wolf blitzer in cnn's commander for breaking news, politics, and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> he's been focusing like a laser beam on health care reform, but for a brief time today, president obama put america's servicemen and women front and center speaking at the convention in phoenix and vowing more money and help for vets struggling to deal with life after combat. let's go to our senior white house correspondent, ed henry. what was the president's basic message to the vets? >> reporter: urging more patience in afghanistan, a war that has been going almost eight years, the president telling me that the fighting is fierce, that the u.s. will not defeat the tlaliban overnight. out here on the streets of the convention center, some of the groups that used to stalk president bush about the war in iraq are beating up on president obama, claiming he's escalated the wa
. joining us now the director of the north korea studies. good morning. >> good morning. thank you for having me here. >> the release now of the two american journalists, what message should we derive from this? >> i think we should see this mission for what it was, a narrowly defined mission to bring the two journalists back. despite the 3 hour conversation with kim jong-il, and i'm sure much was discussed, but in terms of perhaps carrots or promised to be made if north korea came back tothe discussion table, i think that remains to be seen. but we'll know that in the next few days. >> looking at the pictures sitting around that negotiating table. one does have to wonder what possibly -- what could the talks have centered around and you say this should become public knowledge but yet we didn't really know that president clinton was even headed to the area. do you think that we will ever find out what happened out of those talks? >> i believe so. because the press reports now show that quite a bit of a number of people have been involved in the discussion with the north koreans, th
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